Advanced Additive Manufacturing Technologies, Services and Solutions

Advanced Printed Electronic Solutions specializes in multi-material, multi-tool, 5-axis 3D Printed Electronics (3DPE) and industrial grade Additive Manufacturing. The Company offers product solutions for 3DPE and additive manufacturing, as well as engineering services in the application of complex electronic systems to additive manufactured assemblies. 

Engineering services include hardware/software development in conjunction with process engineering and implementation across two 3DPE workflows; functionalization of additive manufactured 3D structures or conformal surfaces; and fully additive 3D printed electronics where electronic circuitry may exist anywhere in a 3D printable geometry. 

Additive Manufacturing services include prototype and pilot fabrication of customer defined industrial and commercial manufacturing applications with quick turn-around, utilizing industrial grade equipment managed by dedicated Engineering staff. For more complex applications, the Company offers fabrication services in advanced applications that include manufacturing of specialized customer components such as tooling, fixtures, conformal antennas, sensors, and electronics, to complete multi-functional additive manufactured-based assemblies and systems.